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All, I recently had an issue with my Eurocave INOA chiller for my cellar. Wine Enthusiast was no help in finding a repair shop and I phoned 1/2 dozen appliance repair shops in the area-no one would even touch it. I then phoned Rick Grigsby at Chicago Wine Cellar Expert Inc. Rick could not repair the item but when I explained my issue he passed my information to Eli Sherman whom he stated was the best in the area.

Rick sent a note to Eli (copied me) and within a day Eli contacted me and within 5 minutes on the phone he diagnosed the issue and told me exactly what the issue was. He lives, like me, in the western suburbs and was able to come over within a day and had the problem fixed in an hour-now I have a happy cellar again.

So..Big Shout Out to Rick Grigsby at Chicago Wine Cellar Expert Inc. and if you need to have any repairs done you need to consider

Eli Sherman
(312) 330-4246

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